A week into the new server

Hello again!

Now that we have come about a week into having the new server, some of you might have noticed that C-3PO is not there.
Don’t worry, he will be back, ensuring that all you AFK and lobby-huggers are moved into the AFK channel when you’ve been gone too long.


It will take another couple of days before he returns however, so in the meantime, try not to use the lobby as a AFK area or leave your computer logged in to a channel for the whole night. It just makes it look like such a messy TeamSpeak.


New server – Same management

As some of you might have noticed, the server has recently been changed.
But don’t worry, you wont be closed out wanting to get in again.

You will still have your permissions, channels and everything. Nothing will have changed.
This is all due to us switching to a new server under slightly new structure for the backend, allowing for a better control as well as us opening up this website for information and forms to sign for permanent channels.

You will also be happy to hear that the Moderators and Admins now have more ability to affect the server when there are issues which enables us to resolve issues at a faster rate.

I hope you all enjoy the new server and that it stays as stable as the last.

/ Klasser